Tips to make good purchase

       The decision on which computer we are going to buy should be made taking into account a group of factors that not everybody consider. We do not conduct our business  pre-establishing configurations for sale. We prefer to present our clients the choices we think that will meet their requirements and let them make the final decision. Your investment should meet two basic criteria: It should endure, and should be easy to upgrade since computer techniques are constantly changing and the equipment might become obsolete in a relative short period of time. To arrive to a good decision some professional expertise is needed, and we値l assist you on that. Our main goal is that you buy at the lower cost possible and at the highest quality, and then you can go out and say: My computer is the best for what I need it. 

  The most important factors to keep in mind are: 

1-     Storing capacity (Hard Drive). Most of the people want their computers to have the more storing capacity possible without considering how expensive that might be. With us you値l save money because we will inform you which is the hard drive you really need.

2-     Processing Speed (Central Processing Unit). I want my computer to be fast (sound familiar?). Some CPUs are faster than others, but combining some parts of your computer we can make it to run your programs in an efficient manner. For instance, if your computer will mainly be dedicated to communications we will not only focus in a fast CPU, but also in the quality of the modem.

3-     Operating Memory (RAM).  Combining the RAM and the CPU we can build an equipment that work really fast according to the main task you are going to use your computer for. If my computer is going to perform a lot of activities, then I値l need more RAM than if it痴 only for one purpose.

4-     Upgrading possibilities. The computer we buy today will have limitations to run some software that will come out to the market one year from now. That痴 the reason why to make a smart buy one have to be sure that you値l be able to adapt modern technology tomorrow that will allow the machine to be useful even when the systems are improving and changing day after day.

5-     Graphic Possibilities. The monitor and the video card are the parts in charge of the graphic processing in a computer. They are one of the most expensive parts in the configuration, so we have to buy what will use. Sometimes we want a 17鋳 monitor and we won稚 do any kind of graphic design. 

      We致e only mentioned here some of the factors to keep in mind when we are going to buy a computer. There are a lot more that we値l discuss with you. You tell us what do you want your computer for and we値l provide you with the best equipment for that purpose. Contact us.     

Procedure to purchase a computer

1-     Determine what you are going to use your computer for: Office, accounting, graphic design, internet, operations of your business.

2-     Location of the computer: Home, office, factory, warehouse.

3-     Surrounding physical conditions: noise, dust, humidity, temperature.

4-     Determine (if possible) the software that the computer will run more frequently.

5-     Determine, according to your business expectations, the tasks you expect to perform in the future with your computer.

6-     E-mail or fax us your quote request

7-     We contact you back with our suggestions and prices and you finally make your decision.

8-     To finish the transaction one of our representatives will be knocking your door to deliver your purchase, and if you are not located in the Great Miami we値l use the regular shipping methods. Contact us.   


Benefits of doing business with us

1-     You値l be really oriented in your buying process. That will make you feel confident.

2-     You値l receive professional counseling at no additional cost.

3-     You will have a high quality product and easy to upgrade.

4-     If you don稚 do business with us, at least you値l have a professional opinion that will help you make a smart purchase.

5-     Our prices are always below the mean of the market.

6-     SuperK, Inc. will become your technical consultant for your future businesses.
Tell us what you need and we値l answer back with the perfect choice. Act now!!